Our proposals will provide many benefits to the local area.

Meeting the demand for elderly accommodation in Cheshire East

Simply put, there is significant local demand for new care facilities in Cheshire East.

Alarming statistics show that, in the borough of Cheshire East, demand is much greater than supply. There is currently a demand for over 1,100 care home places and over 4,100 extra care units and the situation is only forecast to get worse. Demand for care home places will increase by over 70% by 2030, with demand for extra care units ballooning by over 55% over the same period.

Without new facilities, the current challenging situation will only get worse. In the local area, we already have a substantial shortfall of 840 extra care and dementia units. Future projections suggest that this shortfall will nearly double by 2030. The transformation of Holly Tree House can provide much needed new care units. Additionally, we know from the current experience that care facilities need to be safe and secure. That is why we have incorporated industry leading infection control measures and hygiene safety processes at the heart of our designs, including isolation suites.

Within the local area, the prevalence of retirees is much higher than the national average. The catchment area satisfies health analyst’s, LaingBuisson, definition of a ‘naturally occurring retirement community’, which only 4% of UK postcodes meet. This demonstrates the unique challenges that the local area is facing. Our plans for this new integrated care “village” will help address this shortfall.

Current Care Provisions

The area is currently served by eight registered care homes offering a mix of residential and nursing care (including care to clients with dementia). It is now well over a decade since the Department of Health published the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People. Although the standards are no longer in place, they served to set a benchmark in terms of environmental quality, detailing a requirement for newly registered facilities to restrict bedroom occupation to single occupancy and for all bedrooms to incorporate an en-suite facility. A single occupancy en-suite bedroom is now considered almost a human right and the appropriate standard throughout the country by providers and commissioners alike. Facilities at Holly Tree Care Home will meet these standards. 

Another challenging issue is that of ‘future-proofing’. As residents get older, their homes may become unsuitable for their care needs. On an individual basis, it may be possible to upgrade facilities, but this is not viable for the scale that will be necessary, which makes new care homes and extra care units essential.

In May 2014 the local authority published the Vulnerable and Older People’s Housing Strategy. Acknowledging the concerning dynamics of existing specialist housing provision coupled with forecast population growth, the document identifies the following Strategic Priority: Address projected under supplies in intermediate accommodation options for older people, prioritising the development and promotion of extra care and sheltered housing schemes with partners and, where possible, on Council-owned land.’

The local challenges combined with the identified demand for new facilities show that there is a clear need for a new care home and extra care units in the area, giving a compelling justification for the proposed redevelopment of Holly Tree House.

Community Benefits

Our proposals will benefit the wider community in several ways, including:

  • The creation of two woodland walkways to the north of Holly Tree House, allowing local residents to explore more of the scenic Cheshire East countryside.
  • A new footpath along Pepper Street, providing a safe passageway from Holly Tree House to Knutsford Road (A537). This new pathway will be mostly inside an existing hedgerow, protecting pedestrians from the traffic.
  • New local jobs to support the delivery and ongoing servicing of the care home.
  • The scheme will also include benefits to the wider NHS and local community in the form of a satellite GP consulting room and providing the ability to access locally based community health and wellbeing services.
Proposed Catchment Area
View towards Village Centre and Care Homes

Have Your Say

We are fully committed to engaging with the public in relation to these proposals. Before a planning application is submitted to Cheshire East Council, we want to hear your views. All feedback received will be considered and will help shape the final scheme.

You can tell us what you think about the plans by completing an online feedback form.